Refinement of observation requiremets for GOCE, Task 3

Task 3, Results and Status.

Work has started Dec. 1, 1999 on Task 3.

WP 3.1.

Work has started 1999-01-03.
A report has been prepared by Ole B- Andersen, May 21, 1999.

WP 3.2.

A meeting was held 1998-12-13 between R.Sabadini and C.C.Tscherning defining the tasks of the Milano Group. Very intersting simulations are to be made in the Central Italian Area.

The files to be used in the simulations are as follows:
italyegm.gra from EGM96 error estimates,
italygoce.grafrom GOCE error estimates
italygocelc.gra from GOCE scaled errors
italygocell.grafrom GOCE linearily scaled errors.
where each of the 50 grids in the file covers 42, 46 in latitude, 9, 15 in longitude with a spacing of 0.083333 degree. The first grid value corresponds to the North-West corner, and the data are organized like reading a book.

On 1999-02-24 it was agreed to start with a simple simulation, just using a cylindric spherical body.

WP 3.3.

WP 3.3.1.

First results concerning datum-transfer were prepared by D.Arabelos.
A paper is finished for EGS.

WP 3.3.2.

A report was given June 1, 1999.

WP 3.3.3.

A report was given June 10, 1999.

WP 3.3.4.

A report was given June 18, 1999.

WP 3.3.5.

Initial discussions took place between G.Strykowski and C.C.Tscherning on 1999-01-22 and 1999-01-25.
One way to go is to calculate gravity variations at various depths, and then convert these variations to a density layer, using the density contrast 2.67 - 0.95 g/cm**3. Another possibility is to use grcol.
A draft report has been prepared 1999-04-15.

WP 3.3.6.

A report has been prepared by D.Arabelos.

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