Files for LSC lectures at Geoid School.

New lecture notes 2008.

Draft book chapter to geoid book.
Example of using Python interface in exercises.

Data files and figures for geoid-school lectures.

Survey of all files accessible via www.

Lecture Notes
Fig. 2 .
Fig. 3 .
Fig.4 .
Fig. 6 .
Fig. 7 .
Fig. 8 .
Appendix 2. Appendix 3. Appendix 4. Appendix 5.

Datum-shift notes.

Power-point files.

Lecture Notes
Lecture Notes on Datum shift

Files used in excercises.

Job to subtract OSU91.
Job to subtract RTM from OSU91 reducedd gravity.
Job to calculate empirical covariance function.
Job to fit empirical covariance function with analytic.
Job to tabulate covariance function.
Job to check tabulated covariance function.
Job to compute height anomalies using OSU91 and tabulated covariances.
Job to compute height anomalies using OSU91.
Job to subtract EGM96.
Job to compute RTM for EGM96-red. gravity.
Job to subtract RTM from EGM96 height anomalies.
Job-file to determine (dX,dY,dZ).
Job-file to determine No.
(after nmlscfaz3.job has been run).
Job-file to detect gross-errors.


OSU91 coefficients
EGM96 coefficients and error-estimates
EGM96 error-degree-variances
OSU91 error-degree-variances

All data in gravsoft format !

Height-anomalies in ITRF94.
Height-anomalies in NAD83.
Gravity anomalies.
Deflections of the vertical.
Reduced height anomalies
Reduced gravity anomalies.
30" dtm
5' dtm
30' dtm
File with points at terrain altitude to compute height anomalies.

Participants 2006.

Pyton interface examples.
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