Files and other material used in cooperation with Dimitrios.

Experiment with gridded Tzz data

Used program version geocol17c.f , see /home/cct on
Several errors corrected, related to error-covariance estmation of coefficients. Comparison made with sphgric.f results, which gave fine agreement.
All results also in /home/cct/coeft.
estimated coefficients
error degv.
control data.
data in grid
output file

New project.

Title: Comparison of error-correaltions of spherical harmonic coefficient estimates using gridded and point GOCE-like gravity gradien data.
There are several parameters which we can vary:
(1) like in our GOCE06 paper: Equal area, Equal Angular and orbit-fixed
(2) Number of points, 10000, 20000, 30000
(3) Error-covariance function influence: Error variance and error-correlation length.

The main purpose should be to see how "wrong" we are (in terms of error estimates and error-correaltion of spherical harmonic coefficients) when using Fast Spherical Collocation, or data gridded in another manner (Equi-area), compared to the realistic situation with data with an along track correlated error.
I think several of the investigations in our GOCE06 paper can be repeated, where we check the result in different manners.

Project completed.

A paper has been submitted to J.Geodesy, which has undergone extensive review, but seems to be accepted in the end.

Last update 2008-04-24