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Work: Niels Bohr Institute, Juliane Maries Vej 30, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø.
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Personal data

CV in Danish and CV in English . Photo for my fans. GOCE and me.


List of geodetic publications . List sorted after year with 290 publications available for download.
List of unpublished geodetic publications and abstracts . List of non-geodetic publications .
Reprint data-base , Useful references.


Active projects.

European GOCE Gravity Consortium
Geophysical investigations of sea, land and ice from a synergy of ENVISAT data.AO-ID 392.
Skagen odde landsænkning. (Subsidence at Skagen Point.)
Gravi-seismic center.
Contribution to IAG JSG03.
Grob rrsults from GOCE Trr.
Mass change investigation with Matija Herceg
KSA geoid computation project.

Current important research topics

Finished projects.

MANICORAL. EU-project 1996-97.
Refinement of observation requirements for GOCE ESA Sponsored GOCE Study, terminated 1999.
Eoetvos to mGal . TERRA Project (Institut de Geomatica, Barcelona).
Correlation project with PK for Cairns.
SAGRADA Satellite Gravity Data Analysis Project.
IAG SG2.5 Aliasing in Gravity field modelling. Program and members
ARCGICE , ESA Project, 2005-07.
GUTS. ESA Project completed 2007. Analysis of global sea-surface topography.
Use of reduced point masses with GOCE data. Cooperative project with D.Arabelos.
GOCE USER Toolbox GUT Development.
See also the DTU page
Auvergne geoid test.

Student master theses or PhD-theses.


Oplæg til Geoforums uddannelsesmøde d. 12 jan 2010.
In Danish/Paa dansk: Introduktionsfoerelaesninger til Geofysik0 som Power-Point filer: 1. Forelaesning , 2. Forelaesning
Kursus i Geodæsi og Geostatistik . 2. aar, blok 4.
Kursus i Jordens Tyngdefelt. Blok 2, 2008.
Overbygningskursus i Satellit-geodæsi. (Kaula: Theory of satellite Geodesy & Seeber: Satellite Geodesy). Fall, Block 2, 2009.
Kursus i Satellit geofysik, Blok 2, 2011.
Lecture notes for Int. Geoid School
Geoid workshop, Nov. 2013
Kursus in Satellite Geophysics, Block 2, 2013.
Former PhD and Master students.

Software documentation.

Links to various home-pages or illustrations.

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